Play Fields

Our facility boasts a diverse range of sports amenities, including kho kho and kabbadi fields that resonate with the spirit of traditional Indian sports. Additionally, we offer a fencing piste for honing precision and agility, a dedicated court for tug of war enthusiasts, and a specially designed arm wrestling table for those seeking strength challenges. For team sports enthusiasts, we provide well-maintained handball and badminton courts. Chess and carroms enthusiasts can indulge in strategic battles, while those inclined towards athletics can utilize our mini track and field area. To cater to versatile interests, a multi-purpose court accommodates various sports activities. With these facilities, we ensure a vibrant sports environment encouraging skill development, teamwork, and healthy competition among our students and sports enthusiasts.

Fitness Center and Yoga Center

Our institution takes pride in offering a cutting-edge Fitness Center and Yoga Center equipped with the latest tools and manned by certified trainers. The objective is to cultivate a fitness-oriented culture among both our students and the wider community. In these state-of-the-art facilities, individuals can engage in tailored fitness routines under the guidance of expert trainers, promoting overall well-being and a healthy lifestyle. The focus on physical and mental health underscores our commitment to fostering a holistic approach to education, ensuring that students and community members have access to top-notch facilities to enhance their fitness levels and overall quality of life.

Weight Training Center

Weight training center established on 2017. 

List of equipment:-

  1. Powerlifting bar 20kg – 2 nos
  2. Bench press- 1 nos
  3. Adjustable squat stand – 1 nos
  4. Dumbbells – Various weights
  5. Weight plates – Various weights
  6. Barbell – 3 nos
  7. Weight training belt – 1 nos