PG Department of Economics

PG Department of Economics

The Department of Economics was established in 1981 alongside the introduction of the Pre-Degree course. Subsequently, in 1995, the department introduced B.A. in Economics, offering Sociology and History as subsidiary subjects. The academic offerings expanded further in 2020 with the initiation of M.A. Economics programme.

The Economics Association, a vibrant part of the department, actively organizes seminars, workshops, and quiz programmes. The department boasts a well-stocked library and frequently engages in various social initiatives. Their calendar is filled with events such as national and international seminars, workshops, poster exhibitions, quizzes, and parent meetings. The department also emphasizes social exposure, arranging visits to places like old age homes, hospitals, orphanages, and shelters for the destitute, preparing students for active community involvement. Additionally, the department publishes a manuscript magazine annually and operates the Entrepreneurship Development Club (ED Club) to nurture entrepreneurial skills among students.


M.A. Business Economics
No of Seats : 20 Course Stream : Post Graduate
B.A. Economics
No of Seats : 32 Course Stream : Under Graduate


Dr. Resmi G.

  • M.A
  • B.Ed
  • Ph.D
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Dr. Priyanka T.R.

  • M.A
  • M.Phil
  • JRF
  • Ph.D
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Ms. Mishma Davis

  • M.A
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Ms. Jisna Sabu

  • M.A
  • NET
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Dr. Priyanka N.R

  • M.A
  • Ph.D
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Ms. Praseena V.P.

  • M.A
  • NET
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Ms. Rinu K. Louis

  • M.A
  • M.Phil
  • NET (History)
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Ms. Armiya V.A

  • M.A
  • M.Phil
  • NET(Sociology)
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ICT Classrooms

In the PG Department of Economics, our educational approach is significantly enhanced through the implementation of ICT classrooms, abbreviated for Information and Communication Technologies led Classrooms. These technologically advanced classrooms are equipped with seamless WiFi connectivity, revolutionizing the way students engage with their learning materials.

Department Library

The Department Library of Economics serves as a scholarly haven, offering a diverse and comprehensive repertoire of books meticulously curated to aid in academic enhancement and foster deep subject knowledge. This carefully selected collection encompasses a wide array of topics within the realm of economics, ranging from microeconomics and macroeconomics to specialized fields such as econometrics, international economics, and development economics.


Nurturing Entrepreneurial Skills

The P.G. Department of Economics, in collaboration with the Institution’s Innovation Council, orchestrated a workshop on Business Model Canvas on March 12, 2024. Spearheaded by Ms. K S Jwalini, HOD of the Department of Commerce at Morning Star Home Science College, Angamaly, the workshop was exclusively tailored for postgraduate students.

Empowering Women Entrepreneurs

In the second session of the invited talk, Mrs. Gracy Thomas, Managing Director of Mahila Apparels Pvt Ltd, delved into the topic of “Women Entrepreneurship: Opportunities and Challenges.” Attended by 40 students, the session provided valuable insights into the intricacies of venturing into entrepreneurship as a woman, exploring both the opportunities and obstacles in this domain.

Navigating Economic Futures

The PG Department of Economics hosted an invited talk on March 1, 2024, catering to both PG and UG students of Economics. Dr. Dhanya Shankar K.S. from the Department of Economics at St. Mary’s College, Thrissur, served as the resource person. The session, titled “Economic Horizons: Exploring Career Pathways for Undergraduate and Graduate Students in Economics,” attracted 40 participants. Through this engaging discourse, students gained valuable insights into the diverse career avenues available in the field of economics, empowering them to navigate their professional futures with confidence.

Kerala’s Economy Unveiled

The PG Department of Economics hosted the Morning Star Lecture Series on February 16, 2023, featuring Dr. Shyjan Davis, Associate Professor from the University of Calicut. The session delved into “Kerala Economy from the Perspective of Current Budget Scenario,” attracting 113 eager students from both UG and PG classes. Through active engagement and spirited discussions, attendees gained valuable insights, fostering an environment of curiosity and learning.

Navigating Financial Markets

On January 15, 2024, the PG Department of Economics, in collaboration with the Department of Commerce, hosted a seminar titled “Financial Planning & Investment in Stock Market.” Mr. Kurian Joseph, Branch Manager at Doha Brokerage & Financial Services, Perumbavoor, shared valuable insights as the resource person. Attendees gained essential knowledge about financial planning and strategies for investing in the stock market, providing them with valuable tools for navigating the complexities of financial markets.

Industrial Visit

Final year BA Economics students visited Modern Food Enterprises Pvt Ltd on January 8, 2024, gaining insights into bread production processes.

Community Lab Activity – Empowering Through Self-Defense

On December 19, 2023, the Postgraduate Department of Economics organized a Self-Defense Training Programme as part of its Community Lab Activity. Held at Pakal Veedu for Kudumbasree members, the event aimed to empower participants with essential self-defense skills. Sensei Catherine Paul, a student from II BA Economics, commenced the program with an insightful introduction, highlighting the importance of self-defense in contemporary society. Practical demonstrations and hands-on sessions followed, focusing on fundamental techniques like situational awareness, basic strikes, and escapes from common holds. Participants enthusiastically engaged in the training, demonstrating a genuine interest in mastering the skills. Sensei Catherine’s interactive teaching style fostered camaraderie and facilitated shared learning, creating an empowering atmosphere for all involved.

Elocution Competition in connection with International Human Rights Day

Marking International Human Rights Day, an elocution competition on “War and Human Rights Violation: Perspectives from Today” was organized on December 12, 2023. Students explored historical and contemporary aspects, fostering dialogue on war and human rights.

Navigating Economic Research: A Seminar on Methodologies

On November 8, 2023, the P.G. Department of Economics hosted a seminar titled “Research Methods in Economics” to provide students with insights into the diverse methodologies employed in economic research. Dr. Thara Thomas, an Assistant Professor from Baselius College, Kottayam, served as the resource person, covering various aspects such as philosophical foundations, quantitative versus qualitative methods, and ethical considerations in economic studies. The interactive session encouraged student engagement through questions and discussions, fostering a comprehensive understanding of the research process, from conceptualization to data analysis.

Poster Competition in association with UN Day

Celebrating the UN Day, a poster competition on “Global Unity for World Peace” was held on October 24, 2023. The competition aimed to promote global peace, justice, and human rights, raising awareness among students about the UN’s goals and achievements.

Seminar on Managing and Preventing Depression in Adolescents

Addressing a critical issue, the department organized a seminar on September 29, 2023, focusing on managing and preventing depression in adolescents. Ms. Abhirami M, a Jeevani Counsellor, provided insights into depression’s dimensions, impacts, and remedies, particularly during adolescence.

House Visit

The PG Department of Economics conducted a house visit on September 20, 2023, aiming to foster a deeper understanding of students and their families. This initiative facilitated one-on-one interactions, strengthening bonds between students and providing support where needed.

Shodh Path 2023: Igniting Research Passion

On September 15, 2023, the P.G. Department of Economics hosted “Shodh Path 2023 – The Gateway to Research,” showcasing 18 students’ research proposals across various economic branches. This event served as a platform for students to articulate their research problems, methodologies, and anticipated contributions to the field. Encouraging peer engagement and feedback, it inspired first-year PG students while exposing III Year UG students to advanced economic studies, reflecting the department’s dedication to academic excellence and research-driven learning.

Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) Confluence

The PTA general body meeting for the academic year 2023-24 convened on August 14, 2023. Parents engaged in constructive discussions with class advisors and endorsed their children’s progress reports. A notable turnout of 50 parents from the Department of Economics underscored the community’s commitment to educational excellence. A subsequent session on November 10, 2023, catered specifically to PG students, ensuring comprehensive support and involvement.

Connecting Past and Present: Alumni Meet 2023-24

On August 12, 2023, the annual alumni meet welcomed former students back to reminisce and reconnect. Following a general meeting, department-wise gatherings provided a platform for shared memories and updates. Dr. Theresiakutty K M, former HOD of the Department of Economics, graced the occasion with felicitations, enriching the event with wisdom and nostalgia.

Bridging Academic Paths: Empowering First-Year UG Students

From July 31, 2023, to August 4, 2023, the department conducted a bridge course tailored for first-year UG students. Focused on Economics and Complementary subject Sociology, the sessions aimed to equip students with foundational knowledge and key learning outcomes. Beyond academic preparation, the bridge course facilitated student-faculty interactions, fostering a sense of camaraderie and familiarity with the institution’s resources. By acquainting students with the syllabus and encouraging interactive learning, the course ignited enthusiasm and awareness about the vast career opportunities within Economics.

Decoding Startup Funding: Seminar on Angel Investment

In collaboration with the Institution’s Innovation Council, the P.G. Department of Economics hosted a seminar titled “Understanding Angel Investment: Unlocking the Secrets of Startup Funding” on August 4, 2023, at 01:40 PM in the college auditorium. Dr. Shika Ramesh, Assistant Professor from the Department of Applied Economics at CUSAT, led the session as the resource person. The interactive seminar delved into critical aspects of angel investment, navigating the startup funding landscape, effective pitching strategies, and the hurdles faced by startups in securing funding. Attended by 72 eager students from both undergraduate and postgraduate classes, the session fostered engaging discussions and encouraged active participation, creating a conducive environment for learning and exploration in the realm of startup financing.

Empowering Peer Learning: Mathemagic for Strong Mathematical Foundations

In a bid to bolster the fundamental understanding of mathematics among BA Economics students, the P.G. Department of Economics organized the “Peer Teacher Programme on Mathemagic: Building Strong Foundations of Mathematics” on July 20, 2023, at 11:30 AM in the I B.A. Economics classroom. Recognizing mathematics as a cornerstone of economic analysis, the department aimed to address common challenges faced by students in grasping mathematical concepts early in their academic journey. Amina C. Shoukath, a second-year M.A. Business Economics student, was selected as the peer teacher for the program. With enthusiastic participation from 17 students, the initiative proved highly effective in fostering peer-to-peer learning. By leveraging the insights and experiences of fellow students, the department paved the way for a more robust understanding of mathematics among its students, setting a strong foundation for their academic pursuits.

Exploring Environmental Sustainability: Invited Talk on Climate Change

The P.G. Department of Economics organized an enlightening invited talk on “Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability” on July 12, 2023, at 10:30 AM in the college auditorium. Dr. Ramees Rahman, Assistant Professor from the Department of Economics at Sacred Heart College, Thevara, graced the occasion as the resource person. With a focus on environmental sustainability, Dr. Rahman’s session was highly informative, captivating the audience’s attention. A total of 101 students from both undergraduate and postgraduate classes actively engaged in the discussion, gaining valuable insights into the profound impact of climate change on environmental sustainability. Dr. Rahman’s thought-provoking ideas left a lasting impression, inspiring attendees to contemplate the urgency of addressing climate-related challenges.

Celebrating National Statistics Day with an Interdepartmental Quiz Competition

In honor of National Statistics Day 2023, the P.G. Department of Economics hosted an interdepartmental quiz competition on June 30, 2023, at 1:10 P.M. Seven teams, each comprising two students from various departments, participated, showcasing their knowledge of statistical concepts. Under the guidance of quiz master Ms. Jisna Sabu, the event promoted a culture of continuous learning and celebrated statisticians’ contributions. Amina C Shoukath and Fathima P.N. from II M.A. Business Economics clinched the first position, while Diltta Davis and Anjana Suresh from III year B.Com, and Diyana Joy and Jesna P.J. from II year Bsc. Family and Community Science secured second place. Sreedevi Krishnakumar and Alby Joy from II Bsc. Physics earned the third position.

CIAO -Retirement Party

PG Department of Economics organized the sent off function of Dr.Laisa Thomas, Head of the Department  on 22nd March 2023.As part of this a video presentation was held in which old students shared their experiences. Teachers and students from department of Economics delivered felicitations. Cultural programme presented by the staff and students made the event colourful. The programme was really memorable.

Poster Competition

As part of UN day celebration, P.G. Department of Economics conducted poster competition. “Nourishing Peace” was the theme of the competition.  Students from various departments participated in this competition. Angel G.Oswin. from III B.Sc. FCS and Rithu Antony from II M.Sc. Zoology secured first and second position respectively. Ardra J. from II M.Sc.Zoology got third prize.

Skit Competition

P.G. Department of Economics in association with NSS Unit no.58 organized Interdepartmental Skit Competition on 19th October 2022.It was conducted as part of Anti -Drug Campaign. Fourteen students from various departments participated in the competition. “Impact of Drug Abuse” was the theme of the competition. Department of Chemistry secured first prize in the competition.

Freshers’ Day

The official welcome of the first year UG and PG students was held on 17th October 2022. All the teachers and students from the Department of Economics participated in the programme. Ms. Rinu K. Louis and Dr. Priyanka T.R. addressed the gathering. Seniors rendered a warm welcome to the new members. Several programmes were organized to entertain the new comers and to explore their talents.

Shodh Path

P.G. Department of Economics organized the “Shodh Path – The Gate Way to Research” project proposal presentation of II M.A. Business Economics on 28th September 2022. About 64 students from II M.A Business Economics, I M.A. Business Economics, and III BA Economics participated. Dr.Laisa Thomas, Head of the Department made an introductory speech. Students presented their Project proposal and through interaction, they get an idea regarding how to conduct the research on their topic. This program helped the students to get a vast knowledge about research and in-depth cognition of the research process. 

Community Lab- e-Governance Workshop

The community lab activity of P.G. Department of Economics was held on 20th September 2022. A workshop on e-Governance was conducted at Pakalveedu, Angamaly. Dr. Priyanka T.R., Assistant Professor, P.G. Department of Economics, Morning Star Home Science College, Angamaly lead the session. Twelve members from the Ward number – 8 of NedumbasseryPanchayat were the beneficiaries of the programme. They were very actively participated in this training programme and cleared their doubts. Ms.Rinu K Louis, Assistant Professor, Morning Star Home Science College, Angamaly welcomed the gathering and Ms. Ajitha, ward member, Nedumbassery Panchayat delivered the felicitation.

World Population Day

P.G. Department of Economics in association with NSS Unit no.58 organized interdepartmental digital poster making competition in connection with World Population Day on 11th July 2022. Nine students from UG and PG classes participated in the competition. “A world of 8 billion: Towards a resilient future for all – Harnessing opportunities and ensuring rights and choices for all” was the theme of the competition. Hasna P. K. (II M.A. Business Economics) secured first position. Devika Devadas (III B.A. Economics) secured second position and Sreeranjini T.M. (II M.A. Business Economics) secured third position.

National Statistics Day

In connection with National Statistics Day 2022, P.G. Department of Economics organized an ‘Interdepartmental Quiz Competition and Profile Presentation of Indian Statisticians’ on 29th June 2022. Twenty-eight students from various departments participated in the competition. Fourteen teams were formed and each team had two students. Maneesha Mohanan and Arunima Prasad (II MA Business Economics) and SairaBanu&Alfiya P A (II M A Business Economics) secured first position. Meera Joy and Aythihya (III BA Economics) and Anna Thomas and Julia Avarachan (II Msc. Physics) secured second position. Nafeesath Misiriya and Rahina M. A. (II MA Business Economics) and Ann Mariya M Davy and Nicena Rose Augustin (III BA Economics) secured third position. Profile presentation of Indian statisticians done by II MA Business Economics students. About 53 students from Economics Department participated in it.

Career Guidance

Post-Graduate Department of Economics organised a Career Development Programme for the final year UG and PG students of Economics on 3rd March 2022. They introduced some new short-term courses and career opportunities in it. Mr. Akhil K.R. (Team Manager, Avodha Edutech, Infopark, Kochi), Ms.Aswani I.S.(Academic Consultant, Avodha Edutech, Infopark, Kochi) and Mr. Rinto Thomas(Presentation Officer, Avodha Edutech, Infopark, Kochi) were the resource persons.

International Education Day

The Post Graduate Department of Economics organised an essay writing competition in connection with International Education Day on January 24th, 2022. The theme of the competition was ‘New Education Policy 2020‘. Laya Elizebeth George from III B.A. English got first prize. Nannoor Beegum from I M.Sc Home Science and Ammu P.S. from II B.A. Economics secured second and third prizes respectively.

Christmas 2021

The department-wise Christmas celebration was held on 23rd December 2021. Cake cutting was also held on this occasion. Students celebrated Christmas by singing carol songs. Dr.Laisa Thomas, HOD delivered the Christmas message.

Webinar on IPR

Department of Economics in association with Alumnae Association organized a webinar on the topic ‘An Introduction to IPR’ on 20th December 2021. Dr. Vinitha K.B., Assistant Professor, P.G. Department of Economics, Mar Thoma College, Nilambur, Malappuram was the resource person. The webinar aims to create awareness of the various dimensions of Intellectual Property Rights among the participants. 80 students from the UG and PG in the department of Economics participated in the webinar.

PG Freshers’Day

Fresher’s Day of the first-year PG students was conducted on 3rd November 2021. Second-year PG students welcomed the first-year students. Dr.Laisa Thomas, HOD felicitated the gathering. All the teachers from the PG Department of Economics participated in the program.

Induction 2021

Department of Economics conducted an online Induction program for newly admitted first-year students on 28th September 2021. All the teachers from the Department of Economics, first-year U.G. students, and parents participated in the meeting. Principal Dr.Sr.Rosily A.V. presided over the function. Dr.Laisa Thomas, HOD, and Ms.Rinu K.Louis, class advisor welcomed the parents and students and also gave them an introduction to the B.A. Economics program.

Ponnonam 2K21

Departmental Onam celebration was conducted online. Students from UG and PG actively participated in the celebration. Teachers and students delivered Onam felicitations. A video was prepared by students named Ponnonam 2K21. This video includes Onam songs, dance, and other performances of students.

Alumni Meet 2021

The annual departmental alumni meeting was conducted on 7th August 2021. The meeting was conducted through Google meet. The college principal Dr.Sr.Rosily A.V. presided over the function. Dr. Laisa Thomas, Head of the Department of Economics, Dr.Theressiakutty K.M., former Head of the Department of Economics, and Adv. Anitha K.J., Alumni Association Vice President addressed the gathering. 50 members participated in the meeting. An interactive session was also held at the end of the meeting.

PTA Meet

Department of Economics in association with College PTA organized an online PTA meeting for the second-year and third-year UG students on 6th July 2021 through Google meet. The college principal Dr.Sr.Rosily A.V., Dr.Lizmitha Godwin, PTA secretary, and Dr.Laisa Thomas, Head of the Department of Economics addressed the gathering. A total of 90 members participated in the meeting. The main aim of the meeting was to discuss online classes.

Research Methodology

Post-Graduate Department of Economics organized a webinar on Research Methodology in Economics on 23rd March 2021 through Google meet. Dr.Mani K.P., Director, School of Business, Depaul Institute of Science &Technology, Angamaly was the resource person. The resource person explained all the basic points of research methodology and important aspects of UG and PG projects.

NEP 2020

The Post Graduate Department of Economics organized a webinar as part of commemorating the international education day on 25th January 2021The topic of the webinar was ‘NEP 2020: Reflection on Higher education. Dr.Niranjana K.P., Assistant Professor of Education, Farook Training College, Kozhikode was the resource person. She explained the impact of NEP on higher education. The program was conducted through Google meet. All the faculties and students from the Department of Economics very actively participated in the webinar.

Inauguration of M.A Business Economics

The inauguration of the Economics P.G. Programme was held on 20th January 2021. The chief dignitary of the day was the Vice Chancellor of Mahatma Gandhi University, Prof. Sabu Thomas. The other dignitaries present were, Dr.Sr.Rosily A.V., Principal, Morning Star, Sr.Reshmi CSN, Education councilor, Dr.A. Jose, Dr.Sudhakaran K.M, Prof Harikrishnan P, Adv.P.Shanavas, (Syndicate members) Dr.Thresiakutty K.M(Former Head of Economics Department) and Dr.Laisa Thomas(Head of Economics Department). Due to the Covid scenario inauguration was conducted on Google meet. The ceremony commenced with a silent prayer. Dr.Sr. Rosily A.V. welcomed the gathering. Sr.Reshmi CSN gave the presidential address. This was followed by the Vice Chancellor addressing the gathering. He specially mentioned the efforts of the College and the Department in the higher education sector. This was followed by felicitations by other dignitaries and a Vote of thanks by Dr.Laisa Thomas.


As part of the UN day celebration, the Department of Economics conducted an E-poster competition. More than ten students from different departments participated in this online competition. Arya T.B. from II B.Sc. Chemistry and Fathima Femiya from III B.Sc. Physics secured first and second position respectively. Devika V.S. from II B.A. Economics got third prize.

Teachers’ Day

Department of Economics organized an online teachers’ day celebration on 5th September 2020 through google meet.  All the teachers, students, retired teachers, and alumni from the Department of Economics gathered through a virtual platform and shared their experiences and memories. Dr.Laisa Thomas, Head of the Department of Economics delivered a welcome to all. The retired teachers were honored on this occasion.


Department of Economics organized an online Onam celebration on 29th August 2020 through google meet. Dr. Laisa Thomas, Head of the Department of Economics delivered Onam wishes. Students presented various cultural events through an online platform on this occasion.

Induction(Final yrs)

An online induction programme organized by the Department of Economics for third-year B.A. Economics students on 7th July 2020. All the teachers from the Department of Economics and final year students attended the meeting. The main agenda of the meeting was ‘online class’. Dr.Laisa Thomas,HOD provided guidelines to students.

Study Tour

Three day tour programme to Coorg and St. Mary’s Island was organized from 20th  to 23rd January 2020. A group of 30 students from final year B.A. Economics along with four faculties participated in the same.

Induction Programme

In association with the Department of Commerce, a tagline competition for students was organized on 20 December 2019. An induction programme was also conducted with this. The programme was hosted by Kerala Blasters.

Debate Competition

An inter-departmental debate competition was conducted by the Department of Economics in connection with the World Population Day on 19th July 2019. The topic of the debate was ‘ India’s Population Growth: A Boon or a Threat’.

Skill Development

Employment Skill Development Programme was conducted for final year UG students of Economics on 20th November 2019. The programme was handled by Sri.Nandakumar, Chief Career Counsellor, Galaxy Educational Services.

Food Processing

In association with the Department of Home Science and District Industrial Centre, Ernakulam, Department of Economics organised a two week Food Processing class from February 3rd to 17th, 2020. Vice Principal Dr. Sr. Philo T.J. inaugurated the programme. Dr. Laisa Thomas, HOD of Economics, Dr.Lizmitha Godwin, HOD of Home Science and Sri. Manoj, Director, DIC, Ernakulam felicitated the progrmme in the inaugural function.

Awareness Class

Department of Economics organized an awareness class on Reproductive Tract Infection on 28 June 2019. Final year nursing students of Najath College of Nursing, Aluva handled the class. They focused on women health and hygiene.



  • Merit Scholarship instituted by Dr. Thresiakutty KM for the University Top Scorer in B.A. Economics Examination.
  • Rev. Sr. Julit CSN Endowment Award instituted by the non-teaching staff for the Top Scorer in the 2nd year University B.A. Economics Examination.
  • Merit Scholarship instituted by the Department of Economics for the Top Scorer in the 1st year University B.A. Economics Examination.
  • Fr. John Mampilly Memorial Award instituted by the Management for the Top Scorer in History and Sociology in the University B.A. Economics Examination.
  • Rev. Teresitta CSN Memorial instituted by Ms. Jasmine Gopurathingal, Ms. Desina Vadakumchery, and Ms. Sheeba Paul for the deserving student of 1st year B.A. Economics.
  • Merit Scholarship instituted by Dr. Laisa Thomas for the Top Scorer in M.A. Business Economics University Examination.

Best Practices

Book Bank

Since its initiation in 2010, our book bank initiative has played a pivotal role in ensuring equal access to educational resources for all students. This practice enables us to provide academic books to students free of cost, particularly those facing financial challenges in purchasing textbooks. The book bank comprises contributions from our alumni as well as books purchased by the department. At the end of each semester, students return these books, which are then passed on to deserving students in the next batch, creating a sustainable cycle of knowledge-sharing and support. This thoughtful approach not only promotes a sense of community and solidarity among students but also underscores our commitment to fostering an inclusive and supportive learning environment within the institution.