Students’ Union

The Students’ Union consists of elected members from the student community. It comprises of the Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, General Secretary, Arts Club Secretary, Magazine Editor, Sports Secretary, two University Union Councillors and Class Representatives. Staff Advisors are there to guide them. 

                          Members of College Union 2022-23

Sl. No.NamePost
1Aswathy RajanChairperson
2Gadhaa RajeevanVice-Chairperson
3Aythihya E.S.General Secretary
4Shifna Sherin KUniversity Union Councillor
5Aneeta PolachanUniversity Union Councillor
6Thritha UAArts Club Secretary
7Nandhana ShibuSports Club Secretary
8Anjana PBMagazine Editor
9Ann MathewI UG Representative
10Merin BabyII UG Representative
11Fathima AsifIII UG Representative
12Krishnapriya CMI PG Representative
13Fathima Rehman TAII PG Representative