Print Resources

Morning Star College Library has a wide repository of periodicals, academic journals, newspapers, CDs, and previous years’ question papers. The print resources in our library can be accessed through the Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC). 

The print resources in our library include:

  • Print books-  These books include prominent academic books that enhance the conceptual understanding of students. Around 20,000 Textbooks and 800 Reference books are available here.
  • Print Journals – Subscription to academic journals enables students to be in touch with recent academic developments in their respective disciplines.
  • Magazines – Popular magazines that inspire and enlighten students as well as update them on current events around the globe.
  • Student Projects – This resource guides students as they prepare their dissertations
  • Newspapers – Current and past newspapers and magazines are available for students to enhance their general knowledge and check up on past events for clarifications or better understanding
  • Large Print Books – It caters to the needs of those with impaired reading ability.
  • Rare Books – The library also has an interesting collection of rare books; a book that even dates back to 1880 (The French History).
  • Foreign language books – Books in Latin, Spanish, Italian, German, and French languages are available for students interested in exploring varied language scripts.
  • New Arrivals –The library displays the latest books in the ‘New arrivals’ section.