Morning Star Home Science College is dedicated to upholding stringent moral ideals with its stakeholders, through its motto “Learn to Serve, Serve with Love”. The institution has a Committee to monitor the matters of discipline, ethics, and codes of conduct and review them from time to time. The monitoring committee conducts annual meetings regularly and organizes orientation and professional ethics programmes for students, teachers, and non-teaching staff.

The Monitoring committee of the college consists of the following members:

  1. Principal
  2. Vice-Principal
  3. IQAC Coordinator
  4. Staff Secretary
  5. Union Advisor


Every student of Morning Star Home Science College is expected to abide by the code of conduct detailed below to upkeep a congenial academic atmosphere in the campus. 

  1. The academic work of the college begins at 9.20 am with a morning prayer recited through the public address system; students are expected to maintain proper decorum throughout the prayer.
  1. The students are expected to be in neat and clean uniforms as per the directions of the college authority. Uniforms are mandatory on exam days.
  1. Students should compulsorily wear ID cards on the college premises.
  1. Use of mobile phones during class hours is prohibited. Students who bring mobile phones due to unavoidable reasons must keep them in silent / switched off mode.
  1. All sorts of political and organizational activities are banned in the college.
  1. Ragging is strictly prohibited on the college campus and its premises. Any such incidents may be reported to the faculty coordinator of the Anti Ragging Cell. Upon receiving a complaint the authority will carry out appropriate inquiry and action.
  1. Students are obliged to
  • Be punctual and regular in classes.
  • Inform their absence on a working day in advance to the Class Advisor. Leave in an emergency situation may be informed either by the student or the parent and all leave days should be marked in the Handbook by the student.
  • Use the library and its facilities for knowledge enhancement. Attendance during library hours is mandatory
  • Maintain socially accepted standards of morality and discipline on the campus and its premises.
  • Exhibit proper respect and courtesy to all honorable guests, teachers, non-teaching staff, and fellow students.
  • Report any kind of medical emergency to the Class Advisor or Head of the Department.
  • Report all kinds of grievances to the Grievance Cell in person or online.
  • Report the maintenance requirements to the Class Advisor.
  • Follow the exam-related guidelines issued by the University and the Institution in its right spirit.
  • Inform all kinds of physical abuse and sexual harassment to the Internal Complaint Centre (ICC)
  • Uphold the reputation of the college
  • Safeguard the facilities of the college.
  • Keep the classrooms neat and tidy.
  • Park vehicles in the space allotted on the campus.
  • Abide by the rules and regulations of the college issued from time to time.

   8. Students are obliged not to

  • Stay away from classes without a proper reason.
  • Participate in any strike in the college or incite fellow students to join.
  • Loiter on the campus or cause any disturbance to the classes in progress.
  • Organize meetings in the college or display notices on the college notice boards without the permission of the Principal.
  • Hold unauthorized celebrations in and around the campus.
  • Distribute any leaflets or printed materials and display banners or posters on the campus without the permission of the Principal.
  • Bring outsiders into the college campus.
  • Scribble offensive, abusive or obscene words or figures on blackboards or desks or on walls, or any other places on the campus.
  • Possess or consume or distribute alcohol, tobacco, or harmful drugs in any form in the campus or its surroundings.
  • Bring a camera and other electronic gadgets without prior permission from the competent authority. The authority and discretion of the Principal in matters of code of conduct is final and binding.

    9. The authority and discretion of the Principal in matters of code of conduct is final and binding