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Morning Star Home Science College is a regular Arts and Science College affiliated to Mahatma Gandhi University and accredited with A++ Grade in NAAC (Re-accreditation Fourth Recycle). The college is the brainchild of the farsighted thought of three visionaries- Mar Augustine Kandathil (former Arch Bishop of the Arch Diocese of Ernakulam),

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Our Heavenly Patroness

Mary's prerogative to be the Morning Star, which heralds in the sun. She does not shine for herself, or from herself, but she is the reflection of her and our Redeemer, and she glorifies Him.

Our Vision

To mould young women as prudent scholars and competent professionals capable of becoming ambassadors of graceful service to their families and to society.

Our Mission

To equip young women to cope with the challenges of the times by fostering self-respect and self-reliance, promoting divergent thinking and cultivating a knowledge culture. To ensure the all-round development of students by providing value-based instruction and skills training.

Principal's message

Morning Star College has for years, served to mold young women into intelligent, virtuous and responsible citizens and family members. Though academic excellence is focused upon, equal priority is given to the holistic development of the students. We believe that God has blessed each soul with seeds of a wide spectrum of talents which when provided with the needed nourishment, inspiration and opportunity, will sprout and bloom into fragrant blossoms.

Dr. Shemi George
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Manager's message

Morning Star College was conceived in the hearts of our founding fathers as an institute that would empower women to effectively take on their responsibilities as homemakers and citizens. Back in the 1950's, women were mostly confined to domestic work. Denied of education and the opportunity to discover and prune their skills and talents, the immense potential of women was often wasted away. Rev.Fr.Mathew Mankuzhikary, Rev.Fr.John Pinakkat and Most Rev.Mar. Augustine Kandathil were determined to give women that platform where they could explore and discover their hidden talents as well as be equipped with the know- how and life skills that would prove women can be just as effective as men.

Sr. Ashly CSN
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Morning Star College visionaries

Mar. Augustine Kandathil

Morning Star College visionaries

Rev. Fr. John Pinakkat

Morning Star College visionaries

Rev. Msgr. Mathew Mankuzhikkari

Morning Star College visionaries

Rev. Msgr. Kuriakose Chiramel

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