Principal’s Message

Morning Star College has for years, served to mold young women into intelligent, virtuous and responsible citizens and family members. Though academic excellence is focused upon, equal priority is given to the holistic development of the students. We believe that God has blessed each soul with seeds of a wide spectrum of talents which when provided with the needed nourishment, inspiration and opportunity, will sprout and bloom into fragrant blossoms.

Morning Star provides a platform for students to develop their academic abilities and skills as well as a range of extra- curricular and co-curricular activities. But most of all, what we seek is to instill moral values and virtues in young women, encouraging them to lead sanctified lives and remain pure and holy in a challenging world.

To attain this, as a role model, every day, during the morning prayer session, we present to the students, the real ‘Morning Star’- Mother Mary, and encourage them to confidently place themselves beneath her maternal mantle, for she is always willing to be a mother to us, as much as we want her to be in our lives.

Our desire is that every young girl who enters this campus be educated and enlightened, so that eventually, she walks out as a confident, pious and qualified woman, ready to take on the world and its challenges.

Dr. Shemi George