The College Logo is a promise of victory to all its beneficiaries. Designed in the shape of a shield, the emblem holds on its crest a shining star and at the centre, the profile of the college guarded by two coconut trees.

The star in the halo is Morning Star, a synonym for Mother of Jesus, our Heavenly Patroness, showering blessings from the heavens. Each girl here shall take Mother Mary as a model – ready to shoulder responsibilities with a pious heart.

The figure at the centre is this centre of learning, striving at excellence in academics while ensuring the moulding of morally upright generations with faith in God, trust in values and love for others. The coconut trees guarding the college are symbolic of the uniquely rich floral diversity and cultural heritage of Kerala. Education needs to have sound ecological consciousness to safeguard and sustain this richness of our nature and culture. These trees remind us that everyone is a ‘Kalpa Vriksha’ invested with immense potentials – bring them out and live a life of fulfillment.