The National Assessment and Accreditation Council was established in the year 1994 with a vision to make quality the defining element of higher education in India through a combination of self and external quality evaluation, promotion and sustenance initiatives. The NAAC recommends the formation of an Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) for all higher education institutes, the primary aim of which is to develop a system for conscious, consistent and catalytic action to improve the academic and administrative performance of the institution. As per the directive of the NAAC, an Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) was established in the college on 18 th March 2005. The IQAC of Morning Star Home Science College meets regularly to discuss quality enhancement initiatives to be done in the college and monitors their implementation. It also organizes orientation programmes to the faculty every year.

The members of IQAC are:

Dr. Sr. Shemi George-Principal (Chairperson)
Ms. K. Leena Joseph-Co-ordinator
Ms. Rajini Devi T.R.-Joint Co-ordinator
Ms. Rinu K. Louis-Joint Co-ordinator
Dr.Sr. Rosily A.V.-Education Councillor(Management Representative)
Dr. Sr. Gisha Joseph-Vice Principal
Prof. Harry Cleetus-Former Principal, St. Alberts College, Ernakulam(External member)
Sr. Alphy Kochappan– Bursar (Management Representative)
Dr. Resmi G-Head, Department of Economics
Ms. Leena Joseph-Head, Department of Zoology
Dr. Sindhu K.S.-Head, Department of Chemistry
Ms. Jwalini K.S-Head, Department of Commerce
Sr. Marymol Joe CSN-Co-ordinator, Self-financing courses
Ms. Sherin Abraham-Staff Secretary
Sr. Moly T.P.-Superintendent
P.J. George– PTA Vice President
Ms. Fency Joby-(Alumni representative)
Ms. Aswathy Rajan-(Student representative)