B.Voc Applied Accounting and Taxation

B.Voc Applied Accounting and Taxation

The B.Voc Degree programme (three years) specializing in Applied Accounting and Taxation was started in the college in December 2020. This programme is divided into six semesters. It provides undergraduate studies which would also incorporate specific job roles along with broad-based general education. This would enable the graduates to make meaningful participation in accelerating India’s economy by gaining appropriate employment, becoming entrepreneurs, and creating appropriate knowledge.

B. Voc in Applied Accounting and Taxation teaches students the factors related to the field. Those who wish to pursue the program should have an inclination toward commerce and accounting skills. They should have the ability to analyze data, do calculations, and have a basic understanding of GST and the latest taxation laws. The course lays a strong ground for candidates to take up higher qualification in the field. The program empowers students in gaining an overview of the Indian tax regime, fundamentals and principles of accounting, taxation, VAT system, Calculation of GST and its various brackets.


B.Voc (Applied Accounting and Taxation)
No of Seats : 50 Course Stream : B.Voc


Ms. Dhanya CX

  • M.Com
  • B.Ed
  • NET, SET
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Ms. Vandana V Nair

  • M.Com
  • MBA
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Ms. Jessil George

  • M.Com
  • NET
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Computer Lab

At our institution, computer training sessions are conducted in a sophisticated and well-equipped lab, ensuring that each student has access to individual computer systems. This tailored approach provides numerous benefits, particularly for students studying Applied Accounting and Taxation. The individual systems enable personalized learning experiences, allowing students to focus on specific areas of the curriculum, practice accounting software applications, and engage in hands-on tax calculations.


Workshop on Research Methodology

The Department of B.Voc organized a workshop on the topic ‘Usage of AI Tools in Social Science Research‘ on 29-09-2023. Mr.Sharon Thomas, PhD scholar in HRM, former HOD, St.Thomas Autonomous College, Thrissur held the workshop. The workshop was a resounding success in fostering cross-disciplinary collaboration and knowledge sharing. It highlighted the immense potential of AI in advancing social science research methodologies.

International Webinar on World Trade and the Global Economy

The Department of B.Voc organized an International Webinar on the topic World Trade and the Global Economy in the Post-Pandemic Era on 26-09-2023.Associate Professor Dr.Varghese K John, Graduate School of Business and Advanced Technology Management, Assumption University of Thailand were the resource persons. The webinar discussed the impact of the COVID -19 pandemic on world trade and the global economy. It explored how the pandemic reshaped global trade dynamics and the challenges and opportunities that emerged in the post pandemic era.

Industrial Visit to AVT,Vagamon

The Department of B.Voc organized an Industrial visit to AVT, Vagamon on 23-09-2023. 36 students and 4 faculty members participated .This visit helped the students to see theoretical concepts they have learned in the classroom applied in real world situation. Students gained insights into the specific industry, including its processes, technologies, and operations.

Coconut Shell Painting on World Coconut Day

The Department of B.Voc organized Coconut Shell Painting Competition as part of World Coconut Day on the theme Kerala Landscape. A coconut shell painting competition is a creative and unique event. 21 students participated and they showcased their artistic talents by using coconut shells as their canvas. It is a great way to promote recycling and creativity.

Role Play

As part of antidrugs campaigning, the Department of B.Voc organized role-play competition in association with NSS Unit on 28-10-2022 at III B.Voc class

Bridge Course

The bridge course is aimed at familiarizing the new entrants to B.Voc Applied Accounting and Taxation which gives them the sufficient chance to progress in a degree course. The objective is to cover the gap between the understanding level of the high school courses and higher education subjects they would be studying in B.Voc. During this interaction of bridge course with the faculty and their classmates, the students will be equipped with the knowledge and career opportunities in B.Voc.

Freshers’ Day

Freshers’ Day is a welcome party for newcomers and the aim of conducting this day is to make the juniors feel welcome and to interact with them. First-year students of the B.Voc Department were given welcome on 17-10-2022. The venue was III B.Voc class. Ms.Sana Nazrin M S II B.Voc delivered the welcome speech. HOD, Department of B.Voc presided over the function.

Talents Day

The first-year students actively participated in the Talents day program held on 21st October 2022. Students were given an opportunity to exhibit their handicraft works.

Teachers’ Day

Teacher’s day was celebrated virtually on 5 September 2022 via Google meet at 7.00 pm. A speech was given by the class leader, Rakhi K Ravi, where she explained the importance of teachers and how teachers are the builders of the nation. A video compilation of photos of teachers was played followed by many cultural performances by students .A Bolly quiz was arranged for the teachers. The program ended with a vote of thanks which was given by students of the organizing committee

Onam Celebration

All students and staff of the B.Voc Department celebrated Onam on 02-09-2022 . The faculties of the Department of B.Voc delivered the Onam message. Students presented different cultural programs which were followed by the ‘onasadhya’.

Fresher’s Day

On 01-09-2022, the first-year students were welcomed by the teachers and students of the Department. The Department HOD welcomed the freshers and spoke about the growth and development of the college. Students of the Department organized various entertainment programs on that day.


As part of the curriculum, the students of first-year B.Voc.Applied Accounting and Taxation had undergone a four-week internship on quarterly financial statements in Tally ERP9 at MPW & Associates, Angamaly.

The students were familiarized with the overall finance and accounting practice maintained by MPW & Associates, Angamaly.

‘La La’ language

‘La La’ language is a comprehensive, self-assessment of a student’s level of proficiency in the English language.

A series of multiple-choice-based questions, designed by psycho-neurolinguistic experts, test students’ listening, speaking, reading, and writing abilities.

As part of La La Language, the Department of B.Voc conducted 10 days of communicative English training for second-year B.Voc students on 08-08-2022. The classes were taken by Ms.Sandhya T C, Academic Counselor, Campuzone.


On 08-08-2022 the Department of B.Voc conducted an internship program on Quarterly Financial Statement Preparation using Tally for the students. Our beloved principal Rev.Dr.Sr.Rosily A.V signed the MOU with Campuzone, Angamaly.

Environment Day 2022

The Department of B.Voc.Applied Accounting and Taxation celebrated world environment day on 05-06-2022. The celebration marked its beginning by planting tree saplings by students. The teachers guided them and made the procedure complete. After the activity was over, the HOD and faculties of the Department expressed their thoughts regarding the environment day. The students of the department participated and celebrated world environment day enthusiastically. The main purpose of the celebration was to spread awareness about the need to protect the environment and the way to do it. The students of the department made posters on environment day on the theme ONLY ONE EARTH.

Food Fest

During the Food Fest organized by the Women’s Cell as part of Women’s Day celebrations, our students exhibited remarkable enthusiasm and active participation. The event, held in honor of Women’s Day, became a vibrant showcase of talent and culinary creativity. Students from various backgrounds and cultures came together to prepare and present a diverse array of mouthwatering dishes. The atmosphere was filled with an aroma of delectable cuisines and the spirit of camaraderie as students passionately shared their culinary skills and cultural heritage.

GST return and e-filing


The Department organized a highly informative workshop on GST return and e-filing, a crucial topic in today’s financial landscape, on 17-03-2022. The event featured Ms. Anu George from Vintage Info Solutions, Edappally, as the esteemed resource person. Her expertise in the field provided attendees with valuable insights into the complexities of GST return filing and the intricacies of e-filing procedures. Through detailed presentations, practical demonstrations, and interactive sessions, participants gained a comprehensive understanding of the GST framework and the nuances of electronic filing.

Fair Digital Finance

The Department of B.Voc.Applied Accounting and Taxation was celebrated the world Consumer Rights Day on 15-03-2022 by organizing interdepartmental poster competition on the theme Fair ‘Digital Finance‘.

PTA meeting

The PTA meeting of the academic year 2021-2022 was conducted on 14th March 2022.  Parents interact with the class in- charges and discussed about the progress of their wards. Marklist was duly signed by the parents.

Productivity Day 2022

The Department of B.Voc. Applied Accounting and Taxation celebrated National Productivity Day with great enthusiasm on 12-02-2022 by organizing an engaging interdepartmental quiz competition. The event aimed not only to commemorate the significance of productivity in various sectors but also to foster a spirit of healthy competition and knowledge sharing among the students. The quiz competition, meticulously planned and executed, brought together participants from different departments, creating an intellectually stimulating atmosphere on campus.

Joyeux Fiesta 2K21

Joyeux Fiesta 2K21 was celebrated on 23 December 2021.All faculties of the Department of B.Voc delivered the Christmas message. This ceremony of choosing a Christmas friend and exchanging gifts is promoted in order to inculcate the mentality of sharing among the students. Our students actively participated in competitions conducted by the College Union. They won first prize in the Star Making competition.

Community Lab

The Department organized a community lab on preparation of Income  statement for Kudumbasree members, Kunnumpuram on 05-12-2021.Ms.Soumya Alias, Head of the Department handled the session.

Talents Day

 The first year students actively participated in the Talents Day programme held on 18th November 2021. They won first prize in the Talents Day competition. Students were also given an opportunity to exhibit their handicraft works.

Mental Health

Department of B.Voc organized a webinar in collaboration with Department of Commerce on the topic ‘Importance of Mental Health Awareness During Covid -19‘ for B.com and B.Voc students on 16-10-2021.The main objectives of the programme is to to raise awareness of mental health issues around the world and to mobilize efforts in support of mental health .Dr.Soumya Raj T.J, Nodal Officer, District Mental Health Program, Ernakulum, was the resource person.

Personalitas Progression

Department of B.Voc organized a webinar on the topic ‘Personalitas Progression and Positivae‘ for B.Voc students on 08-10-2021.The main objective of the programme was to develop an impressive personality and explain how students ought to master the art of expressing their thought and feelings in the most positive way. Mr.Vigin M S, Project Officer, District Mental Health Program, Ernakulum, was the resource person. The session was very interesting for students and gave them new insights on how to mould themselves.


As part of our best practice “Snehamruthu” the students of B.Voc collected grocery items and gave them to economically weaker sections in the society. Around 24 students collected fund for buying the grocery items and distributed the same to the needy person on 2/10/2021.It helped the students to utilize their knowledge in finding practical solution to individual and community problems.

Freshers Day

Freshers day for first year degree students was organized on 28/09/2021 via googlemeet. The Principal, Rev.Dr.Sr.Rosily A .V felicitated the gathering. Seniors welcomed with pleasure the new members to B.Voc family.

Teachers Day

Teacher’s day was celebrated virtually on 5 September 2021 via Google meet at 11.00 am. The meet started when a small speech was given by the class leader, Rakhi K Ravi, where she explained the importance of teachers and how teachers are the builders of nation. A video compilation of photos of teachers was played followed by many cultural performances by students .After that bolly quiz was arranged for the teachers. The programme ended with a vote of thanks which was given by students in the organizing committee.

Senior Citizens Day

The Department of B.Voc. Applied Accounting and Taxation commemorated World Senior Citizens Day on 21/08/2021 with a heartwarming initiative. Our students, recognizing the importance of honoring and appreciating the elderly members of our community, visited senior citizens to spend quality time with them. This meaningful gesture not only brightened the day for the older adults but also created a sense of connection and camaraderie between generations. Our students engaged in conversations, shared stories, and participated in various activities with the seniors, fostering a sense of companionship and mutual respect.


Onam, the vibrant festival of Kerala, was celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm despite the distance, through a virtual gathering on Google Meet. The festivities came alive with a series of virtual events that captured the essence of Onam. Participants showcased their artistic talents in creating mesmerizing pookalams (floral arrangements) that adorned the digital space, bringing the colors and beauty of Onam into our homes.


As an integral component of the B.Voc Applied Accounting and Taxation curriculum, the inaugural batch of B.Voc students embarked on a valuable and enriching journey through a four-week internship program. During this period, they had the opportunity to work as Accounts Assistants at the prestigious Tax Study Centre located in Kaloor. This hands-on experience provided the students with a practical understanding of accounting principles and taxation procedures in a real-world setting.

Photography Day

The Department enthusiastically observed National Photography Day on 19-08-2021, showcasing the incredible talent of our students through a unique and visually captivating initiative. To commemorate this special occasion, our students creatively compiled collages featuring photographs captured by their own lenses, all centered around the theme of Nature. Each collage served as a masterpiece, telling a vivid and compelling story through the lens of our budding photographers.


A talk was organized as part of MSME DAY on the topic MSMEs and COVID 19 PANDEMIC in the google platform on 28-06-2021.Mrs.Dhanya C X, a faculty member of Morning Star Home Science College, Angamaly was the resource person.

Environment Day

World Environment day was celebrated by the department of B.Voc.Applied Accounting and Taxation on 05-06-2021. The celebration marked its beginning by planting tree saplings by faculty and students.

Corporate Sector

The Department organized one day workshop for the students on the topic ‘Role of Directors in Corporate Sector‘ on 31-03-2021.The session was held by Mrs. K S Jwalini, HOD Department of Commerce, Morning Star Home Science College, Angamaly.

Business Plan

Our students, Ashma Thadevus and Rakhi  G Ravi  presented PPT as part of interdepartmental business plan competition on the topicInnovative Business Plan on Recycling on 29-03-2021.

Workshop on IPR and its Dimensions

Our students showcased their enthusiasm and knowledge at the interdepartmental workshop themed ‘IPR and its Dimensions‘ organized by the Department of Commerce and the Innovation and Incubation Cell (IIC) on 16-03-2021. Their active participation illuminated the event, highlighting their keen interest in the intriguing realm of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and its multifaceted dimensions in the field of Information Technology. During the workshop, our students engaged in insightful discussions, interactive sessions, and collaborative activities, demonstrating their understanding of the intricate intersections between intellectual property and technology.

Consumer Rights

On 15-03-2021, the Department of B.Voc in Applied Accounting and Taxation conducted an online speech on the topic ‘Rights of Consumer as per Consumer protection Act 1986‘.

Productivity Day

In connection with national productivity day our students make posters, collage and draw cartoon etc. based on the theme “Circular Economy for Productivity & Sustainability” on 12-02-2021.


Street Play

The talent and dedication of our B.Voc students shone brightly as they clinched the second prize in the street play competition organized by the Women’s Cell, focusing on the critical issue of Violence against Women. Their compelling performance, filled with emotion and conviction, resonated deeply with the audience, shedding light on the pressing concerns surrounding gender-based violence.

Power lifting

In a remarkable display of talent and determination, our First-year and Second-year B.Voc students, Ganga C S, Jinimol P J, and Sreekutty K R, achieved outstanding results in various sports disciplines. Ganga C S showcased incredible strength and skill, securing the Gold medal in the powerlifting championship. Jinimol P J’s agility and teamwork led her to clinch the Silver medal in the Kho Kho championship, while Sreekutty K R’s dedication and prowess earned her the Bronze medal in the weightlifting championship.


Best Practices


As part of our esteemed best practice initiative, Snehamruthu, the compassionate students of B.Voc showcased their generosity and empathy by collecting essential grocery items to support economically weaker sections of society. Their thoughtful gesture went beyond the confines of the campus, reaching out to those in need within our community. Through their selfless efforts, the students gathered a variety of essential groceries, ensuring that families facing economic hardships had access to basic necessities. This act of kindness not only demonstrated the students’ commitment to social responsibility but also reflected the values of compassion and solidarity instilled in them. Snehamruthu serves as a testament to the caring nature of our students, showcasing their dedication to making a positive impact on the lives of others and fostering a sense of belonging and support within our community.

Community Based Practices

Fostering a strong sense of community responsibility and recognizing the importance of emotional well-being among the elderly, our students actively engage in meaningful initiatives. One such impactful endeavor involves regular visits to old age homes, where they dedicate their time and companionship to the elderly residents. These visits go beyond mere social interactions; they are heartfelt moments of connection, empathy, and understanding. Our students spend quality time with the aged, engaging in conversations, listening to their stories, and participating in activities that bring joy and laughter. These interactions not only brighten the days of the elderly but also instill a sense of belonging and care, enhancing their emotional health. Through these compassionate acts, our students exemplify the values of empathy and community service, creating a positive impact on the lives of the elderly and fostering a spirit of compassion within our community.