Best Practices


As part of our esteemed best practice initiative, Snehamruthu, the compassionate students of B.Voc showcased their generosity and empathy by collecting essential grocery items to support economically weaker sections of society. Their thoughtful gesture went beyond the confines of the campus, reaching out to those in need within our community. Through their selfless efforts, the students gathered a variety of essential groceries, ensuring that families facing economic hardships had access to basic necessities. This act of kindness not only demonstrated the students’ commitment to social responsibility but also reflected the values of compassion and solidarity instilled in them. Snehamruthu serves as a testament to the caring nature of our students, showcasing their dedication to making a positive impact on the lives of others and fostering a sense of belonging and support within our community.

Community Based Practices

Fostering a strong sense of community responsibility and recognizing the importance of emotional well-being among the elderly, our students actively engage in meaningful initiatives. One such impactful endeavor involves regular visits to old age homes, where they dedicate their time and companionship to the elderly residents. These visits go beyond mere social interactions; they are heartfelt moments of connection, empathy, and understanding. Our students spend quality time with the aged, engaging in conversations, listening to their stories, and participating in activities that bring joy and laughter. These interactions not only brighten the days of the elderly but also instill a sense of belonging and care, enhancing their emotional health. Through these compassionate acts, our students exemplify the values of empathy and community service, creating a positive impact on the lives of the elderly and fostering a spirit of compassion within our community.