ICT Classrooms

The ICT classrooms in the Department of Physics offer transformative benefits, enhancing the learning experience for students. These classrooms facilitate interactive teaching, engaging students in dynamic simulations, virtual experiments, and real-time data analysis. The integration of Information and Communication Technologies enables personalized learning, encouraging active participation and in-depth understanding of complex physics concepts. The ICT classrooms not only enrich classroom lectures but also prepare students for research, equipping them with essential digital skills and enhancing their overall academic performance.

UG Physics Laboratory

Undergraduate students benefit from well-maintained facilities in the Physics Core Lab, Electronics Lab, and Computer Lab. These meticulously equipped spaces offer students hands-on experience and practical learning opportunities. In the Physics Core Lab, they explore fundamental concepts through experiments, while the Electronics Lab provides a platform for understanding electronic circuits and devices. Additionally, the Computer Lab enhances their computational skills, enabling them to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios.

PG Physics Laboratroy

The Post Graduate department boasts state-of-the-art infrastructural facilities, featuring well-equipped laboratories with modern instruments, all housed in centralized air-conditioned labs. These facilities provide ample space for teacher demonstrations, student laboratory activities, and secure storage. The lab is divided into three major sections: one for general experiments, another for electronics experiments, and a third dedicated to computer programming experiments. Each section is meticulously furnished and equipped with internet facilities, ensuring a conducive environment for comprehensive academic and research activities.