The department actively encourages students to unleash their creativity by crafting items from waste materials, emphasizing the importance of recycling and sustainability. Through workshops and initiatives, students are motivated to transform discarded items into useful and reusable products. These creations are proudly showcased in exhibitions, raising awareness about the potential of upcycling. Moreover, the funds generated from selling these items are thoughtfully distributed among the students involved, fostering a sense of entrepreneurship and environmental responsibility. This approach not only promotes innovative thinking but also instills a strong sense of environmental consciousness among the student body, creating a positive impact within the campus community.

Star Bathing Soap‘ and ‘Star Fresh‘ Liquid Hand Wash

As a valuable component of the Skill Training Programme, second and third-year BSc Chemistry students participate in practical sessions where they learn to create bathing soap named ‘Star Bathing Soap’ and liquid hand wash called ‘Star Fresh.’ These hands-on training sessions empower students with essential soap-making skills. To showcase their creations, the department organizes an Exhibition cum Sale event, providing students with a platform to display and sell their products. Furthermore, the soaps and hand wash prepared by the students find practical use within the chemistry laboratory, promoting sustainable practices and enhancing the learning experience for all.

Many Hands One Heart

The Department of Chemistry demonstrates its commitment to social responsibility through the annual charity program, ‘Many Hands One Heart.’ In this initiative, students actively participate by collecting daily usage items across fifty different categories over the course of a week, typically at the start of the academic year. These essential items are then distributed to impoverished individuals and families, emphasizing the department’s dedication to making a positive impact on the community. By fostering empathy and generosity, this program instills a strong sense of social awareness and compassion among the students, encouraging them to contribute meaningfully to society.