Newspaper Distribution

In an effort to enhance language skills and general knowledge, students are encouraged to subscribe to English newspapers, a valuable initiative undertaken by the Department of English. As part of this program, the department distributes ‘The Hindu’ newspaper to 50 students. By actively engaging with reputable publications, students not only improve their language proficiency but also stay informed about current affairs and diverse topics. This practice not only enriches their understanding of the English language but also cultivates a habit of staying updated with world events, contributing significantly to their overall academic and intellectual growth.

‘Star Voice’ Morning Star Radio

Launched on July 1, 2019, ‘Star Voice’ Morning Star Radio is a dynamic initiative by the Department of English. This student-led radio program provides a platform for budding radio jockeys to discuss diverse topics, such as the significance of special days and current events sourced from newspapers. Through engaging discussions, student RJs showcase their talents, enhance communication skills, and foster a sense of confidence. This innovative project not only hones their public speaking abilities but also encourages them to explore and express their thoughts on various subjects, enriching their overall learning experience within the department.