Best Practices

Karunya Sparsam

The department extends a compassionate gesture by offering support to a financially disadvantaged student within its ranks. Recognizing the importance of equal access to education, the department provides a helping hand to empower a deserving student facing financial hardships. This assistance ensures that the student can pursue their studies without the burden of financial constraints, enabling them to focus on their academic goals. Through this initiative, the department demonstrates its commitment to fostering an inclusive and supportive learning environment, where every student is given the opportunity to thrive and succeed, regardless of their economic background.

Gimme a Break – BACK TO INK

In an eco-conscious initiative, the department encourages sustainability by collecting used pens from students and staff, redirecting them to the ‘NIRAV TEAM,’ Resident Association in Kozhikode, for recycling purposes. Conveniently placed collection boxes in front of key blocks such as Nazareth, Main, and Arts & Science allow both staff and students to deposit their exhausted plastic pens. This proactive approach not only minimizes plastic accumulation within the campus but also promotes recycling practices, fostering environmental awareness and responsible waste management among the university community.